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So, maybe you’re still nervous. But is this really true? Among some shoppers, store brands have a reputation as a bad knock-off of the original products. The nutritional information and ingredients are identical. Oftentimes, coupons for name brand items are more accessible and a higher value compared to coupons for a store brand item. Yum! The Truth Behind the Myths of Store Brand Products. Sign up to keep up to date on all thing Nutrition Hungry and receive your access code to free downloadable nutrition tools! What food brands are the best? (Or any other … One of my favorites, Sarah from @thecuttingveg, often reviews vegetarian products from Trader Joe’s on her Instagram page. I know some families actually prefer store brand on certain items. But don’t assume that store brand foods aren’t as good as name brand foods just because they are a store brand. Let's Discuss! Check your email to confirm your subscription. The verdict: Which ever happens to be cheaper, likely the store brand. In fact, both of these stores stock primarily store brand foods, and have very few name brand products. If you are familiar with store brand foods, then you’ve probably realized that store brands are typically much cheaper than name brand foods. All Rights Reserved. Many shoppers opt for brand name cereals, snacks, and dairy products believing that the extra cost is going towards extra tasty flavor. Store-brand lightbulbs from Walmart and Ikea tested comparably to name brands like GE and Phillips. They can be found in a variety of This saves them lots of time and money, which is one of the reasons why their products are less expensive. For perishable food, generic brands have raised their prices 12% compared to 8% for name brands. These cost savings get passed on to us, the customers! The results might surprise you. After seeing the prices below, you may want to think twice next time you're at the grocery store. However, even with a coupon and a sale price, the name brand is not likely to be cheaper. Are Goldfish Crackers Really a Healthier Choice for Kids? Your email address will not be published. And in fact, some store brand foods are the same exact food as a name brand, just in different packaging. When stores make their own branded foods, there are fewer middle men and therefore the product is less expensive to produce and distribute. Your email address will not be published. Grocery stores are able to make their own branded foods cheaper than name brands for several reasons: Less Research & Development: When a name brand company, like Kellogg’s for example, wants to put out a new product, they have to spend the time and effort to research and develop that product. Reader Sandy actually prefers Aldi’s version of Nutella to the name brand stuff. Because store-brand sales are often more profitable than those of national brands, major chains have been putting more effort into bringing generics to the marketplace. Ingredients Generic Price Name … I can’t imagine that you could find store brand for that low! But other stores have their own name for their branded goods, like Target’s “Market Pantry” and Walmart’s “Good Value”. Aldi, a German-owned company, is fast expanding in the US and is focusing on increasing their organic, vegetarian and vegan product offerings. Are they just bad knock-offs of name brand foods, or are they just as delicious and more affordable than the original? November 22, 2019 November 4, 2019. Advertisements add a lot of cost to the product, and with no advertising costs, the product is cheaper for you! My general rule of thumb is to try the generic/store brand. What are store brand foods? Some of their latest and greatest products are: Chocolate Hummus, Ube Ice Cream, and Focaccia Bread with Roasted Tomato and Parmesan. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Jagged edges can lead to more curling and uneven cooking. They have several private label brands, including a line of gluten free foods, a line of vegan foods free of any animal products, and baby food and formula! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Several years ago we ran a "scientific" budget experiment in our home. Tweet. However, the WSJ also says that generic products still cost about 29% less than … They pay for market research to see what kinds of products consumers want to buy, they develop those products, then they test them, and repeat the process over again until they have a finished product. Trader Joe’s has devoted fans that share their favorite products. Taco Tuesday Can Be Every Day with 100k+ Tasty Recipe Ideas. As a consumer, purchasing store brand foods can save you a lot of money on your grocery bill. Brand names are better quality and more absorbent. bad reputation compared to their branded brothers and sisters Yeah, I haven’t either. Generic-Brand vs. Name-Brand Meal Plan. Sales tax was not factored into this example.) 1. They usually have to hire a factory to actually produce their product, then hire a distribution company to bring the products to various stores across the country. To find out, I spoke with a supermarket dietitian, Heather Steele, RD/LD. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates, including shopping guides! “You will see a name brand for $5.99 a gallon, next to the store brand for $2.99. To put some perspective on that, if you spend $100 per week on groceries, you could save more than $1,500 per year by buying store-brand … Did you know that Name brands cost 20-50% less than their name brand counterpart? 2 Shares. My husband and I gave a budgeting/saving presentation a few months ago. And can you really taste the difference between store-brand cheese and the name-brand stuff? Quite often, it’s all coming out of the same tank,” he said. According to the Wall Street Journal, generic brands have raised the prices of nonperishable food by 5.3% compared to 1.9% for name brands. Read this first. If I can’t tell the difference, or it doesn’t make a difference, then take the savings. Headed to the grocery store? No pig should give its life for sub-standard bacon. According to the Wall Street Journal, stores have raised the prices of private-label nonperishable food by 5.3%, compared to a 1.9% increase for goods made by national brands. She contends that the cost differential between the store brand and the marquee names is primarily based upon one simple factor: marketing. Sign up with your email address to receive the latest updates and a FREE ebook “5 Habits of Highly Effective Meal Planners”. By: Mary Hoover  /  Updated on: January 5, 2019  /   This post may contain affiliate links, disclosure policy. Ingredients? I consider value – If I have tried the store brand and I didn’t much like it, than I will try name … They look, feel, taste and raise your blood pressure the same. All sunscreen is held to the same FDA standards, so a store brand like Great Value will work just as well as the name brand stuff. These high-def-enabling cables for your TV also fall into the store brand vs. generic debate. She acknowledged that “customers are often skeptical [based upon the price differences], but we don’t have any advertising costs.” With no advertising costs to raise the products’ prices… •By customer segment (brand-loyal vs. price-sensitive vs. convenience-oriented or image-conscious vs. economy-oriented) Other price/value considerations •Pricing strategy should consider these factors: (1) perceived customer value, (2) competitive response, (3) channels of distribution, (4) cost parameters and (5) congruence with the brand … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s thought that store brand products use poorer quality ingredients, leave out ingredients, and are otherwise sub-par. Aldi 11. View the prices of 10 generic vs. brand name … Among some shoppers, store brands have a reputation as a bad knock-off of the original products. 1. This is huge for some customers who need to be mindful of their sodium intake.”. You can get store brand packaged foods like cereal and pasta sauce, store brand fresh food like milk and eggs, and everything in between! And sunscreen can be quite expensive, so it’s a great way to save! And then of course, there are some stores that make private label foods a priority a huge focus in their store. I was recently contacted by a food science major at NC State University who was doing a thesis paper on buying name-brand vs off-brand, or store-brand, items. I think this is an example of a “bargain hunting” misconception, and with a little knowledge, opinions on the topic might change. She found me online and asked for a quick interview via email to help her with her research. Although generics still cost an average of 29% less than name brands, stores are closing that gap quickly. HDMI cables. Store Brand vs Name brand groceries – Which should you buy? Here’s the breakdown: Recipe #1: Spaghetti. Fewer Middle Men: Most large food manufacturers have several added costs, all of which get factored into the cost of their final products. Labels? I recently visited two stores — Publix (a southeastern grocery store chain) and Walmart — to do a little price comparison. Store-brand versions of perishable goods rose in price by 12%, compared to 8% for name brands. Unbeknown to my unsuspecting family, I purchased several store brand items and literally swapped them with their brand name counterpart. And then, of course, the retailer has to make a profit off selling the product. National and Columbus Kids Eat Free Deals, Coupon Newbie? Instead of paying more for the same or a similar product, check out a few store brand … They are also well-known for their delicious and on-trend foods, like Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, Cauliflower Gnocchi, and Sparkling Watermelon Juice. It is because retailers that offer high-quality store brand products have helped take the decision making out of the purchase equation. No Advertising Costs: When’s the last time you saw a billboard, commercial, or Facebook ad for a store brand product? Those blocks of cheese and butter are all good no matter the label.” He said milk products are basically the same, despite a huge price difference. Store vs Name Brand Challenge. He believes the problem stems from the 1980s when many of today’s shoppers were growing up. Every grocery shopper on a budget knows about store brand foods. Thank you! To find out, I spoke with a supermarket dietitian, Heather Steele, RD/LD. She explains “The hummus at my local store has 30% less sodium than the other big name hummus and that is because it is produce locally and requires less preservatives. Oscar Mayer vs. Great Value Bacon. And really, unless you're quite the gourmet, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between store-brand and name-brand oregano, basil and thyme, too. Required fields are marked *. For toilet paper, some store brands aren't much cheaper than name brands, so why not go higher-end for them? to find out more about that store’s specific store brand foods. She says … The national brand we tested was simply not a cut above the store brand… Experiment and find the store brand foods that you like the best and work the best for your family’s tastes and budget. A new survey finds that pharmacists more than 90% of the time when they’re buying meds for themselves or their families, they buy the store brand… (Note: Prices were sourced on Feb. 19, 2020 at stores located in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Don’t you think it is cheaper to buy generic than to use coupons on brand name?”  My answer to her was, not always! 16 boxes of name brand cereal for $0.48 a box. Here’s a price comparison for all the friendly motorists in Pittsburgh: according to GasBuddy.com, a gallon of brand-name BP costs $2.49; at gas/service station TasteBuds, $2.38 is the current rate per gallon. As for price, the store brand is cheaper – but French’s mustard coupons are frequently available. One of the moms asked me a great question. Here’s a closer look at the surprising facts behind the brand name vs. generic food debate. Heather recommends comparing store brands vs name brands to find the best product for you. Store Brand vs. Name Brand Mrs. Rogovitz Let's do some comparing!

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